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Chuck Wagon UTV

Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles - Chuck Wagon UTV
The Side By Side Utility Vehicle
That Gets The Job Done



The Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles are built by American SportWorks which has a long heritage in the powersports industry.  All Chuck Wagon Lifted Utility Carts feature many standard features like a solid with welded steel frame, a 47 inch wide frame for manuvering down tight trails, a strong tough suspension that allows 2 adults and their cargo to enjoy a day of hard work or a long day of hunting.  Also, each Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicle has a Dana gearbox for power and dependability, an 8.3 cu. ft. manual tilt bed with 400 lbs capacity, and a 2 inch receiver hitch so you can haul your gear and/or hardware.

Choose the Chuck Wagon UTV that is right for YOU!


Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles - Chuck Wagon UTV - Chuck Wagon Electric UTV

Quiet and Powerful!
The CW48V is an electric lifted utility vehicles with a powerful 48V system, high efficiency electric motor with regenerative braking, 500 amp Curtis controller for efficient power distribution, and onboard 48 volt charger and charge meter for reliable & dependable power.  The CW48V also has a dual mode switch which allows you to reduce the drain on your batteries, When You Choose, for conserving power (M1 high, M2 low) and extending battery life.


Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles - Chuck Wagon UTV

The 4x4 with the power you want!
The CW 650 Chuck Wagon is a Powerful and Affordable 4 wheel drive lifted off road utility vehicle with a powerful 653cc Subaru OHV 4-stroke V-twin gas engine churning out 22 hp with a torque of 33.6 ft. lbs. at 2500 RPM...That's A Lots Of Power!


The Chuck Wagon CW650 is equipped with 25" tires for 14" ground clearance (8" to gearbox), tilting bed with 500 lb. capacity, and a strut front suspension and rear swing arm suspension for great handling and performance.


Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles - Chuck Wagon UTV

4 wheel drive for rough terrain — work or play!
The Chuck Wagon 413 is equipped with a 4-stroke 390cc Honda single cylinder engine and switch engaged on demand 4 wheel drive.  For your convenient the Chuck Wagon 413 has a 12V electric start with recoil back-up, McPherson Strut front suspension with 5" of travel, and hydraulic disc front and hydraulic drum back brakes.  Additionally, under seat storage, dual drink holders, 12V accessory outlet, and more!


Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles - Chuck Wagon UTV - Chuck Wagon CW11
Chuck Wagons Best 2 Wheel Drive Utility Vehicle With The Power And Endurance To Works All Day Long!

The Chuck Wagon Has A Strong 340cc Honda single cylinder 4 Stroke Gas Engine with a 12V electric starter with recoil back-up.  Also, a double A-Arm adjustable front suspension and rear articulated Swing Arm suspension with adjustable quad coil over shocks back suspension — both with 3" travel.  This Honda gasoline engine will automatic shut off if the engine has low oil, and this utility cart is equipped with a large 5 gallon fuel tank so you can work your Chuck Wagon Utility Cart All Day Long!


Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicles - Chuck Wagon UTV

The Chuck Wagon CW265 is perfect for handling chores around the house, on the farm, or at the work site!

The Chuck Wagon CW265 2 Wheel Drive lifted utility vehicle that is equipped with a 4-stroke 265cc single cylinder Subaru engine, a convenient 12V electric starter with manual recoil back-up, a double A-Arm adjustable front suspension, a rear Swing Arm suspension with adjustable quad coil over shocks back suspension with 3" travel. The Chuck Wagon CW265 has a powerful 1100 lbs of towing capacity and a 900 lbs vehicle capacity. 

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